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Want to help your child succeed?

Then you have come to the right place!

We have something to help everyone who cares about children and their education. Let's face it, we all worry about our children. As they go through school we have all sorts of questions:

  • Am I doing all I can to help them through school?
  • How can I help them with subjects they find difficult?
  • How can I understand today's teaching methods?
  • What should I know when choosing a school?
  • What is taught in each subject and when?
  • At what stage should my child be now?
  • In what sequence is a child taught maths topics?
  • What are phonics?
  • What should I expect from schools and teachers?
  • How can I help my child to enjoy reading? What books?

or perhaps you:

  • don't know enough about the National Curriculum
  • would like to be reassured by communicating with other parents
  • need ideas and worksheets you can use at home
  • would like individual advice.

So what's the difference between parents that know they are doing their best and those that remain unsure? And, more importantly, have happy children at school?

Tens of thousands of parents regularly use Parents in Touch to make that difference.

I was a Headteacher and have taught in both state and independent schools and would like to help you as well. Browse through the main menu headings above to glimpse the huge range of help available.

Best wishes

Jackie Bacon
Jackie Bacon

PS Many teachers are also using our resources


The new curriculum for September 2014

From September 2014, a new curriculum will be taught, We have selected these worksheets to give you just a few examples of the many resources we have specifically produced to support this curriculum - of course, all the almost 7000 resources available to our subscribers support teaching at all levels.  We have so many wonderful resources, we can only show a tiny sample here. Please browse through the subject pages on the site to see more.

Topic on mini beasts
Topic on mini beasts
Foundation maths
Foundation maths
English ideas for FS
English ideas for FS
Everyday life for FS
Everyday life for FS
Suffixes KS1
Suffixes KS1
Field to fork vegetables and fruit
Field to fork vegetables and fruit
The first aeroplane flight
The first aeroplane flight
Who works where?
Who works where?
Setting out an information text
Setting out an information text
Topic on Canterbury
Topic on Canterbury
Topic on litter
Topic on litter
Story writing ideas
Story writing ideas
Detective fiction KS3
Detective fiction KS3
Ballads KS3
Ballads KS3
What is energy KS3
What is energy KS3



Book Recommendations

THese are some books that parents have found useful when helping their children. We have plenty more ideas for all sorts of books on our reading pages.


 Take a look at our Best New Books pages - we have reviews of lots of super new books for all age groups and on all topics. Here are some of the most popular workbooks and homework help books we have featured

By the way, as a retired teacher, parent advisor to my children and as a grandparent, I think of any site I use yours is the most helpful. Great! Thanks  - EW
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Win! Win books - The Colour Thief, Nick and Tesla, Phonics Flash Cards, Catkin the Fairy Kitten, Catherine Rayner picture books, Tracing Paper Colouring Book and Kenny Wright: Superhero

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